Pastor Matt

If you don't remember anything else about me, I want you to know I am a... passionate, unashamed follower of Jesus Christ!  In 1974, I came to realize that God loved me, I was a sinner in need of God, I needed to confess and turn from my sin, and I wanted Jesus to be my Savior and Lord.  I recieved God's free gift of salvation and began a journey of discovering the depth of this descion.

I graduated from Wayland Baptist University in 1993 with a BA in Biblical Studies and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1995 with an Master of Divinity.

I have served as a children's pastor, youth pastor, missions pastor, senior pastor, Bible teacher, development director, and in addition to serving part time at PPBC, I am a full time Chaplain in the Wisconsin Air National Guard.  I have deployed to Afghanistan, Antarctica, and Kuwait.

Today, I am fully committed to following Christ and leading His Church to follow Him whole heartedly.  I believe the Church is the hope of the World, godly families / couples / individuals are the vehicle God desires to carry forth the message of Christ's Church, and discipleship is the key to building strong, Christ-centered families / couples / individuals. 


If God leads you, I would love for you to join my family and the family of PPBC by investing our lives for His Kindom in our community, county, state, nation, and world! (Acts 1:8)

Pastor Matt